Laser Cutter File Types With Free Websites Sources [2023]


Laser cutters use computer-controlled light beams to cut materials: such as wood, acrylic, and metal. To operate a laser cutter, you need free laser cut files or digital laser cutter file types that contain the design you want to cut or engrave. Not all file formats are suitable for these cutting machines. To begin cutting, … Read more

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine: From Scissors to Lasers [2023]

Fabric Laser Cutting Machine From Scissors to Lasers [2023]

If you’re exhausted by the traditional and often imprecise fabric-cutting methods, consider investing in a fabric laser cutting machine. The fabric cutters come with CO2 and Fiber lasers. These machines give precise and quality cut results. This article delves into the world of these machines, covering their definition, functionality, advantages, and crucial factors to consider … Read more

Laser For Cutting Metal – An Overview With Future Prediction

Laser For Cutting Metal

We deal with many operations, such as cutting, welding, and polishing for metals to create the desired product. The most crucial part of the manufacturing process is cutting metals. We can use a laser for cutting metal. Each metal has specific properties. These are dense and reflective materials. Due to this reason, metal cutting is … Read more

Comparison Between CNC VS Laser Cutting ( A-Z Guide 2023)

Comparison Between CNC VS Laser Cutting ( A-Z Guide 2023)

In manufacturing industries, we use CNC or Laser cutters to shape or cut material to get the desired shape. Both technologies have their unique advantages and disadvantages, but the question remains:  CNC VS Laser Cutting, which one is better? CNC uses computer-controlled tools to shape or cut materials, while laser-cutting uses beams of lasers. In … Read more

What is Kerf in Laser Cutting? ( You Must Know )

What is Kerf in Laser Cutting ( You Must Know )

Precision and accuracy are essential in laser cutting, which allows you to cut a wide variety of materials. A critical aspect of laser cutting is the kerf or width of the cut. The Final product depends on the width of the cut, so understanding how to optimize the kerf is necessary for every manufacturer and … Read more

Here is the Comparison of Laser Cutting VS Plasma Cutting [2023]

laser cutting vs plasma cutting

Laser and plasma cuttings are widely used in various industries to prune materials, primarily metal. Because of this, the question arises, what are the differences between laser cutting VS plasma cutting? Laser cutting is generally more suitable for pruning thin materials or producing precise cuts. In contrast, the plasma-cutting process is better for pruning thicker … Read more

What is Laser Cutting and its Types? (A Inside Guide)

laser cutting

When we work on any manufacturing project, we need tools depending on the need of the project. But the cutting may be used in every manufacturing process but laser cutting is the one of the best method to cut materials. So, every technical expert is always concerned with the best tools to adopt for higher-quality … Read more

Laser Cutting Material – A Detailed Guide (2022)

Laser Cutting Material - A Detailed Guide (2022)

You can use different materials to make unique products by cutting them into different shapes. Laser Cutting is one way to cut these materials. But there are some limitations in laser cutting material. When cutting certain materials, it needs to know whether a laser cutter is safe for the material or not. Stay with us … Read more