Laser Marking Spray Variants and Brands [You Must Know]

Laser Marking Spray

Are you familiar with laser marking spray? CO2 lasers are specially designed for non-metals, but in some cases, there’s be need to mark metals such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and more.  In such cases, these coating sprays play a crucial role in enabling machines to mark metals or brittle materials like glass. You can … Read more

UV Laser Marking – Revolutionize Product Identification

UV Laser Marking

In today’s world, product labeling plays a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition and maintaining comprehensive production records. With a wide range of marking options available in the market, choosing the right technology to label products has become essential. One such choice is UV laser marking machine technology. While various types of lasers are available … Read more

Laser Wire Marking Machines – Coding Cables Material [2023]

Laser Wire Marking

Are you tired of using traditional wire stamping methods that are time-consuming and error-prone? Laser wire marking machines offer a solution to this problem. These machines offer precision, speed, and efficiency in marking wires and cables. It makes them the perfect solution for industries looking to streamline their processes and reduce errors. Say goodbye to … Read more

Laser Marking on Stainless Steel – [ Best Tips & Tricks 2023]


Regarding labeling materials, we have several options for laser techniques, including laser marking, engraving, or etching. However, laser marking stainless steel requires special attention when it comes to labeling. This metal alloy contains at least 10% chromium, making it corrosion-resistant. While laser marking is a safe method for labeling designs on stainless steel, engraving requires … Read more

Cermark Spray – Laser Marking – Everything You Need to Know

cermark spray

Cermark spray could be the solution you’ve been seeking if you want to make a lasting mark on your products. It enables users to create permanent, high-quality markings on various materials. It is a widely used product in the manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and jewelry industries. This article offers a complete guide to Cermark spray, covering … Read more

PCB Barcode Laser Marking: Enhancing Traceability and Efficiency

PCB Barcode Laser Marking

In the fast-paced world of electronics manufacturing, traceability and efficiency are crucial factors in ensuring the quality and reliability of products. One way to enhance these aspects is to use PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) barcode laser marking. This technology enables permanent and precise marking of PCBs. It allows operators to easy identification and track PCBs … Read more

CO2 VS Fiber Laser Marking | Wavelength Matters | 2023

CO2 VS Fiber Laser

Laser marker machines are of various types based on the lasers used in them. Each one has unique purposes and pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss CO2 VS fiber laser marking. CO2 machines mark non-metallic materials. And Fiber lasers mark metallic materials. Certain reflective metals, like copper, are not easy to label … Read more

Laser Marking Plastic Process in Detail

Laser Marking for Plastic

Laser marking plastic is a highly efficient method for labeling plastic components and polymer parts. This non-contact optical process utilizes the energy input from a specific type of laser to mark or engrave the plastic surface. The result is permanent and legible. It uses for the identification and tracking of various products. There are various … Read more

What is Color Laser Marking? Make Designs Attractive [2023]

What is Color Laser Marking Make Designs Attractive [2023]

There are situations where decorative markings are necessary on material surfaces. There are many options to choose from, and “Color Laser Marking” is one of them. Traditional lazer markers produces black, white, or gray marks. It is crucial to have an appropriate color-marking design to make designs more visually appealing and stand out. We will … Read more

Laser Marking Anodized Aluminum [A Inside Guide – 2023]

Laser Marking Anodized Aluminum

Imagine a technique that can create intricate patterns that are permanent on metal surfaces with pinpoint accuracy that improves functionality as well as appearance. This is the possibility of laser markings made on aluminum anodized — a revolutionary step in the current world of manufacturing. Making use of the most advanced technologies in lasers, businesses … Read more