Top Picks Honeycomb Laser Bed Solution 2023

Are you tired of experiencing inconsistent and inaccurate laser operations during cutting, engraving, marking, or etching? Achieving precise and consistent results requires a stable and reliable bed for your laser machine. That is where the Honeycomb Laser Bed comes in.

With its unique honeycomb structure, this bed provides a stable and reliable surface for your laser cutter. It minimizes waste and improves the precision and consistency of your cuts.

Say goodbye to frustrating and costly mistakes, and say hello to a more efficient and productive lasering process with the Laser Honeycomb Bed.

Understanding the Structure Of Honeycomb Laser Bed

The Laser Bed Solution is a game-changer for laser operations, providing a stable and precise surface for cutting, engraving, marking, and etching.

The Laser Cutting Bed consists of a honeycomb structure made of aluminum or stainless steel, with cells of various sizes and shapes. The cells are typically hexagonal, allowing for optimal weight distribution and stability. Two flat plates, usually made of aluminum or steel, sandwich the honeycomb structure.

Here is a breakdown of the components of a Honeycomb Laser Bed:

Honeycomb StructureProvides a stable and precise surface for laser operations
Flat PlateSandwiches the honeycomb structure for added stability and rigidity
ExtensionsOptional add-ons to increase the bed size and accommodate larger workpieces

Depending on the manufacturer and specific model, the size of a Laser Cutting Bed may vary. Some models offer extensions that increase the bed size, enabling larger workpieces. Ensuring the right bed size is crucial for the optimal performance of your laser machine and its intended application.

Top Pick Honeycomb Laser Bed for Your Engraver

Here are some of the best Honeycomb Beds available in the market, along with their features and specifications:

Makeblock xTool Honeycomb Working Table

Meet the Makeblock xTool Honeycomb Working Table – the perfect companion for your laser machine! This innovative and versatile table features a honeycomb structure that ensures excellent ventilation and precise laser cutting or engraving results.

xTool laser bed

Upgrade your workflow with this must-have accessory for superior performance and efficiency. Get ready to take your laser machine to new heights with the Makeblock xTool Honeycomb Working Table!

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Key Features of xTool Working Table

CompatibilityxTool D1, D1 Pro, and most laser engravers
Working Area19.68″ x 19.68″ x 0.87″ (500 x 500 x 22 mm)
Heat DissipationFast and efficient
MaterialIron and aluminum
ProtectionDual protection for materials and desktop
Smoke EvacuationHoneycomb design for better ventilation
DurabilityStable, durable, and rust-resistant
Measurement GraduationsPrecise graduations on the honeycomb plate
Wide CompatibilityDioxygen, fiber, CO2, and more laser engraving machines


JICCODA 17.32×17.32×0.87 inch Honeycomb Working Panel

Meet the JICCODA 17.32×17.32×0.87 inch Honeycomb Working Panel! A honeycomb panel specifically engineered for laser machines provides exceptional support and ventilation during laser cutting and engraving.

JICCODA working pannel

Experience precise and efficient results with this durable and perfectly sized accessory, ideal for enhancing your laser machine’s performance. Upgrade your work process today with the JICCODA Honeycomb Working Panel!

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Key Features of JICCODA 17.32×17.32×0.87 inch Working Table

Key FeaturesValues
Fast Heat DissipationFacilitates efficient smoke exhaustion, prevents material blackening, better engraving
Double Desktop ProtectionIncludes metal aluminum panel for extra protection, corner protectors for added safety
Large Size & Quick MeasurementDimensions: 17.32 x 17.32 x 0.87 inches (440 x 440 x 22 mm), precise graduations
Durable MaterialsMade of iron and aluminum, high-precision CNC processing, strong, stable, and rust-proof
Wide CompatibilitySuitable for Ortur engraving machines, compatible with other laser engraving machines

JICCODA 19.7×19.7×0.87 inch Working Table

Discover the JICCODA 19.7×19.7×0.87 inch Working Table – the perfect companion for your laser machine! With its compact yet spacious design, this table provides a sturdy surface for laser cutting and engraving.


With its durable construction and ideal dimensions, it’s time to take your laser work to new heights with JICCODA!

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Key Features of JICCODA 19.7×19.7×0.87 inch Working Table

Key FeaturesValues
Product NameJICCODA Laser Cutter Honeycomb Working Panel Set, 19.7×19.7×0.87 inch
MaterialHigh-quality aluminum alloy and metal materials
Precision ManufacturingProcessed by high-precision CNC for uniform size of honeycomb holes
Durability and StabilityDurable, stable, rust-proof, and high flatness
Smoke ExhaustHoneycomb design promotes smoke exhaust, protecting materials and improving work delicacy
Double ProtectionHoneycomb panel and aluminum panel provide dual protection for your desktop
Accurate Scale LinesRight-angle measurement scales on X and Y axes for easy and quick measurement of cut objects
Wide CompatibilityCompatible with various laser engraving machines, including diode DIY CNC laser engraving machine and CO2 laser
Easy to Install and UseConvenient installation and user-friendly operation
Size19.7×19.7×0.87 inch (suitable for specific laser engraving machine models)
Versatile ApplicationsIdeal for CO2 or diode laser engraving and cutting machines
High Quality and Long-lastingCrafted with premium materials for long-lasting performance
Rust-proofResistant to rust and corrosion
Protects Desktop SurfaceSafeguards your desktop from damage caused by laser cutting or engraving
Improved VentilationFacilitates proper ventilation during laser cutting or engraving tasks
Enhances Cutting PrecisionEnsures accurate and precise cutting results
Compatible with Various MaterialsSuitable for cutting and engraving various materials
Versatile and ReliableProvides reliable performance with different laser engraving machines

SCULPFUN Honeycomb Working Table

SCULPFUN Honeycomb Working Table: the ultimate laser machine accessory. This innovative table provides optimal support and ventilation to ensure accurate laser cutting and engraving.

SCULPFUN Working Table
Upgrade your workspace with the SCULPFUN Honeycomb Working Table and unlock limitless possibilities for your laser projects.

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Key Features of SCULPFUN Honeycomb Working Table

Product NameSCULPFUN Honeycomb Working Table 300x200x22mm
Product TypeLaser Cutting Honeycomb Laser Bed
CompatibilityCO2 or Diode Laser Engraver and Cutting Machine
Product DescriptionLaser Engraver Accessories, Smooth Edge Cutting
Better Laser Engraving ExperienceOpen structure honeycomb hole design for optimal airflow and effective smoke exhaust, preventing material darkening or warping due to smoke.
Cutting Through Observable DesignMetal plate at the bottom emits bright light when cutting through wood or acrylic, ensuring precise judgment of cutting completion. No need to calculate the number of cuts.
All-metal High FlatnessSolid, deform-resistant structure made of high-precision CNC processed metal, with excellent flatness.
Desktop Protection BoardEquipped with a metal desktop protection board to safeguard against laser damage. Compatible with various diode laser engravers.
Square Measuring RulerX-axis and Y-axis contain precise scale lines for quick measurement of cutting objects.
Wide CompatibilityCompatible with various diode DIY laser engraving machines and CO2 laser engraving machines.
Dimensions300mm x 200mm x 22mm

Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed

Meet the Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed – the ultimate solution for laser machine enthusiasts. With optimal airflow and support, this innovative accessory enhances laser cutting and engraving results.

Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed
Unlock your machine’s true potential with the Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed and experience impeccable quality and efficiency like never before.

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Key Features of Comgrow Honeycomb Laser Bed

Key FeaturesValues
Honeycomb Work Area Size15.75 x 15.75 inches (400×400 mm)
External Bezel Size17.71 x 17.71 inches (450 x 450 mm)
Aperture Size7.5 mm
MaterialIron and Aluminum
Heat DissipationFast and efficient
Smoke EmissionAccelerated through uniform honeycomb holes design
ProtectionSturdy frame for the honeycomb work bed, aluminum panel for desk protection, corner protectors included
CompatibilityComgrow Z1 laser engraving machines, diode fiber, CO2 laser engraver machine
After-sales Guarantee and SupportExhaustive after-sales service with easy access to Comgrow brand page and team support

How to Choose the Right Honeycomb Bed for Your Laser Machine

When choosing the right Laser Cutting Bed for your laser machine, consider the following factors:


Ensure the bed is compatible with your laser machine’s model and size.


Select a bed that accommodates the dimensions of your laser machine and the workpiece size you will be using. 

Consider obtaining a Laser Engraving Bed, a minimum size requirement of 400 x 400 mm. Smaller beds may prove time-consuming when working with multiple or larger objects.


The material of the bed can affect its durability and performance. Stainless steel, Iron, and aluminum are common materials for Honeycomb Laser Beds.


Consider whether you will need an extension to accommodate larger workpieces.


Laser Engraving Bed can range in price, so consider your budget and the value the bed will bring to your laser operations.

The benefits of the honeycomb bed

The Laser Bed Solution empowers laser operations with a range of benefits. Its honeycomb structure ensures stability and precision in cutting, engraving, marking, and etching.

Utilizing a Laser Engraving Bed yields the following key benefits:


The honeycomb structure of the bed ensures optimal weight distribution and rigidity, providing a stable surface for laser operations.


The bed’s flat plate design safely holds workpieces, enabling precise and accurate laser cuts, engravings, and markings.


The Precision Laser Bed offer versatility for laser operations by accommodating various workpiece sizes and shapes.

Heat Dissipation

The honeycomb structure allows for efficient heat dissipation. It minimizes the risk of damage to the workpiece or laser machine.

Maintenance Tips for Laser Honeycomb Beds

Maintenance Tips

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Honeycomb Laser Bed requires diligent maintenance and careful attention.

To properly maintain your Honeycomb Cutting Bed, consider the following tips:

Maintain cleanliness

Regularly remove debris or residue from laser operations by gently brushing or wiping the surface of your Laser Work Bed with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that may cause damage.

Avoid excessive heat

The honeycomb structure of the bed provides efficient heat dissipation, but excessive heat can still cause damage over time. Avoid exposing the Honeycomb bed to direct heat sources or prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Check for damage

Inspect your Laser Work Bed for any signs of damage or wear, such as dents, scratches, or warping. If you notice any damage, replace the bed to ensure optimal performance.

Use Protective Materials

When working with delicate or sensitive workpieces, use protective materials such as tape or paper to prevent damage to the bed surface.

Lubricate Parts Regularly

Ensure smooth operation of your Laser Work Bed by regularly lubricating all moving parts, including sliding rails. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to ensure optimal performance and prevent wear.

The Impact of Honeycomb Bed Design on Laser Cutting Quality

The Laser Work Bed is an essential component in ensuring high-quality laser cuts. An insufficient machine bed can damage the workpiece or cause uneven cuts.

Here are some images to illustrate the impact of Honeycomb Bed design on laser cut quality:

Laser cut without a Honeycomb Bed

Laser cut without Honeycomb Bed

Laser cut with a Honeycomb Bed

Laser cut with Honeycomb Bed

As you can see, the Honeycomb Bed Technology provides the necessary support and stability for the workpiece, allowing for precise and clean laser cuts.

Designing a Custom Laser Honeycomb Bed for Your Laser Machine

Designing a custom Laser Bed System for your laser machine can improve the efficiency and quality of your laser operations.

Here are some steps to guide you in designing your own custom Honeycomb Laser Bed:

Determining the Required Dimensions

Measure the bed size of your laser machine and determine the required dimensions for your custom Laser Work Bed. Account for the maximum size of the workpieces you will be working with and include a few additional centimeters to accommodate safety margins.

Choose the material

Select the appropriate material for your custom Laser Bed System. Common materials used for Laser Work Bed include aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Consider the weight, durability, and heat resistance of each material.

Decide on the Cell Size and Thickness

The size and thickness of the Honeycomb Cutting Bed can impact laser cut quality. Smaller cells and thicker beds offer improved support for delicate workpieces, minimizing surface damage.

Determine Cell Shape

The shape of the cells in the Honeycomb Cutting Bed can also impact the quality of the laser cuts. Common cell shapes include hexagonal, square, and round. Choose a cell shape that suits your specific laser-cutting needs.

Add extensions (Optional)

You can enhance the versatility of your custom Laser Work Bed by considering the addition of extensions. These extensions allow you to accommodate larger workpieces or multiple smaller pieces simultaneously.

Seek professional assistance

If you are unsure about designing your custom Honeycomb Bed Technology, seek professional assistance from a qualified engineer or manufacturer to ensure optimal design and performance.


In conclusion, the Honeycomb Laser Bed is an essential accessory for laser machines that provides numerous benefits, including improved support, reduced reflection, and efficient heat dissipation. When choosing a Honeycomb Laser Bed, it’s necessary to consider the bed material, cell size, thickness, and shape, as well as the size of the bed.

For best results, we recommend purchasing a Laser Bed System of at least size 400 x 400 mm, which will help increase your working compatibility and save time when working on multiple or larger objects.

With proper maintenance and design considerations, the Laser Bed System can improve the quality and efficiency of your laser operations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I use a Honeycomb Laser Bed with any laser machine?

Ans: Honeycomb Beds are compatible with mostly all laser machines, including Diode, CO2, and fiber laser machines.

2. Is it necessary to use a Precision Laser Bed for every laser cutting operation?

Ans: Not necessary for every laser-cutting operation. But it is recommended for specific materials and precision operations.

3. What safety measures should I take when using a Honeycomb Laser Bed with my laser machine?

Ans: Ensure proper ventilation, avoid flammable materials, and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

4. Can a Honeycomb Laser Bed be used for cutting, engraving, marking, and etching operations?

Ans: Yes! Laser Bed Solution allows cutting, engraving, marking, and etching operations.

5. Why recommend a minimum 400 x 400 mm laser bed size for laser operations?

Ans: A 400 x 400 mm laser bed provides enough working space and saves time when working on multiple or larger objects.

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