Boost Your Small Business with the Best Laser Engraver [2023]

Laser engraving has become essential for small business owners to create high-quality, custom-made products. Due to the wide range of available options, small business owners may find it tough to identify the laser engraver that best suits their small businesses needs, making it a challenging task.

No worries, I’ll tell you which engraving machines are the best in a row so you can make an informed decision. The good news is that with technological advancement, laser engravers have become more affordable, compact, and easier to use, making them a must-have tool for any small business.

This article will discuss the best laser engraver for small businesses that meet the affordability, efficiency, and ease of use.

Best Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

The market offers a wide range of engraving machines, leaving small business owners wondering which is the optimal choice.

For those searching for the most optimal laser engraver for small businesses, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most suitable options, providing a solution to your needs.


List of Best Laser Engravers for Small BusinessesCheck Price
Comgrow Z1Amazon Price
Ometech K40Amazon Price
Elecfreaks Tooca L1Amazon Price
Roly LaserMATIC10Amazon Price
Orture Laser Master 3Amazon Price
SCULPFUN S30 Pro MaxAmazon Price
Atomstack A5 ProAmazon Price
Laser Pecker 2Amazon Price
Xtool D1 ProAmazon Price
Gweike Cloud Pro IIAmazon Price

Comgrow Z1

The Comgrow Z1 comes with a 5W and 10W engraver machine. It is a compact and efficient tool to engrave various materials with precision. It utilizes compressed air to produce an effective and consistent beam of light, making it perfect for engraving patterns, texts, logos, and images onto materials; like wood, plastic, and leather.

With its user-friendly software and built-in safety protection system, this versatile engraver is ideal for professionals and beginners looking to create personalized gifts, decorations, or branding materials.

Comgrow Z1 Laser Engraver

Features of Comgrow Z1

    • Comgrow Z1 has a powerful 5W / 10W diode module with a 0.08mm laser spot for precise cutting and engraving. It can cut 5mm thicknesses of plywood at once.
    • Z1 engraver has a dual Y-axis motor for smooth and fast engraving with enhanced stability and accuracy.
    • The machine is compatible with LightBurn and LaserGRBL software. And to transfer data, we can use it via Wi-Fi, USB cable, and SD card.
    • The device can be upgraded with Comgrow rotary roller for engraving tumblers and cylindrical objects, with spacing between the two rotary axes ranging from 8mm to 86mm.
    • Comgrow Z1 laser cutter and engraving machine has a 5W or 10W high-power laser for engraving various materials, including anodized aluminum alloy, mirrored stainless steel, carbon steel, curved moving pictures, glass, etc.

Ometech K40 – Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

The OMTech K40 Laser Engraver is a small desktop machine. It uses to engrave various materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, paper, and more.

It uses a 40W CO2 laser tube as a median of the laser to cut through thin materials and engrave on hard surfaces. This machine has a detachable engraving table, a water pump, and a smoke pipe, making it easy to set up and use.

Ometech K40 Laser Engraver

Features of the OMTech K40

    • Start laser engraving with this 40W desktop unit, engraving as deep as 1/8″ on various materials at speeds up to 13.8 inches per second.
    • Spacious engraving bed provides over 0.6 sq. ft. of room to fit all your projects, with a removable vented panel for working on thicker materials.
    • CO2 tube runs as long as 2000 hours at moderate power settings, with included venting, cooling, water pump, tinted viewing window, automatic cut off, and emergency stop for safety.
    • Its weight is 57 pounds. And its engraving area is 31.9″x19.7″x9.8″ inches.

Elecfreaks Tooca L1- Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

The Elecfreaks Tooca L1 Laser Engraver is a 10W compressed laser perfect for engraving on various materials, including wood, plastic, leather, and more. It offers a maximum engraving area of 160mm x 160mm and can engrave at a speed of up to 3000mm per minute, making it one of the fastest laser engravers on the market.

One of the standout features of the Elecfreaks Tooca L1 Laser Engraver is its easy-to-use software. The machine comes with software that supports Windows and Mac operating systems. As a result, it is the best choice for beginners and more experienced users.

Elecfreaks Tooca L1

Features of the Elecfreaks Tooca L1

    • 10W compressed laser for fast and efficient engraving
    • Maximum engraving area of 160mm x 160mm
    • Engraving speed of up to 3000mm per minute
    • Easy-to-use software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac
    • It can engrave on a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, and leather

Roly LaserMATIC10

The Roly LaserMATIC10 Laser Engraver – is the ultimate tool for precision engraving on various materials. With a powerful 10W laser output, rotary attachment, air assist feature, and user-friendly interface, the LaserMATIC10 is the best laser engraver in its class.

This machine comes with two software options. And you can go with one of them. LaserGRBL is a free version, and LightBurn requires a one-time payment of $60 after the 30-day trial period.

Roly LaserMATIC10

Features of Roly LaserMATIC10

    • It includes rotary and air assist, designed to work together for numerous jobs.
    • Competitive performance, with engraving, speeds up to 300mm/s, and the ability to cut 6mm plywood in one pass.
    • The blue laser can focus down, allowing for intricate designs.
    • 106mm of z-axis travel allows for quick switching between flat pieces and tapered tumblers without needing to adjust the machine.
    • It can engrave and cut various materials, including wood, stainless steel, paper, and acrylic.

Orture Laser Master 3 Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

The Ortur Laser Master 3 Pro Engraving Machine is a desktop engraving machine designed for home and professional use. It uses a 10W laser capable of engraving on various materials, including wood, leather, plastic, paper, and more. The machine is compact, easy to use, and comes with software that allows you to create and edit designs.

Orture Laser Master 3 engraver

Feature of Orture Laser Master 3

    • The Limited Edition Golden ORTUR Laser Master 3 has a powerful 10W laser cutter that can effortlessly cut through 12mm pine board and 30mm thick acrylics.
    • It has a small focusing spot area of 0.05mm x 0.1mm and is lightweight, weighing only 235g.
    • This laser cutter combines precision engraving and high-energy cutting and operates at a fast speed of 20000mm/min, saving time compared to similar brands.
    • The ORTUR Laser Master 3 provides seven safety protection systems, including a safety lock, active position protection, exposure duration detection, and limitation, voltage and current safety control, and an emergency stop switch.
    • It is compatible with various engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, and ORTUR Professional APP- Laser Explorer, and supports Web UI.
    • The ORTUR Laser Master 3 is user-friendly, with an automatic operation guide and novice-friendly features. It supports TF Card/USB/Wi-Fi/APP and can work without a computer.


The SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max Laser Engraver is a powerful, versatile, and reliable laser engraving machine designed to help you take your engraving game to the next level. This laser engraver has 20W power with high accuracy, making it suitable for small businesses and hobbyists.

Its advanced features, including Auto Air Assist and an expandable engrave area of up to 36.8″x35.6″, make it ideal for laser cutting and engraving various materials, including metal, wood, leather, and acrylic.


Features of SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max

    • It comes with a 20W laser for powerful cutting and engraving ability.
    • Engraving speed is up to 25,000mm/min for faster completion.
    • It also includes automatic air assist for faster and cleaner cuts.
    • Free replacement lens included.
    • Expandable working area is up to 935mm x 905mm (36.8″ x 35.6″)

Atomstack A5 Pro

The Atomstack A20 Pro is a powerful and versatile laser engraver that is perfect for a wide range of applications. It can engrave and cut various materials with a maximum power output of 20 watts, including wood, plastic, leather, and more.

It provides a user-friendly software interface that allows you to easily upload your designs, adjust your settings, and start your project in just minutes. Additionally, it features a built-in camera that permits you to preview your process design and make any necessary adjustments before you begin engraving.

Atomstack A5 Pro

Features of Atomstack A5 Pro

    • The Atomstack A20 Pro laser cutter uses advanced lasering technology to cut hard materials, including tungsten board, acrylic board, and stainless steel.
    • The upgraded motherboard and engraver machine allow precise and high-energy cutting and engraving on various materials.
    • The laser cutter has an upgraded air assist pump and a terminal control panel for convenient offline engraving.
    • The laser cutter features a protective cover, safety goggles, and an emergency stop button for unexpected situations.
    • The setup is easy and takes about 30 minutes, with clear instructions and marked parts.
    • The laser engraver is compatible with various software and supports multiple file formats, including NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, and DXF.

Laser Pecker 2

The LaserPecker 2 (Deluxe) is the latest addition to the LaserPecker family of Portable Engravers (similar to Daja Laser engraver Machine). This compact device design is easy to use and highly portable, making it the perfect tool for on-the-go creative projects.

It comes equipped with a powerful laser that can engrave and cut a variety of materials, including wood, leather, paper, cardboard, fabric, and even food items like fruits and vegetables.

Laser Pecker 2

Features of Laser Pecker 2

    • LaserPecker 2 Deluxe set includes an engraving material pack and power bank for an enhanced experience.
    • The power bank eliminates the need for the power cord and the material pack has a variety of engraving materials for unique designs.
    • 360° rotary/mobile engraving with electric roller for cylinder, slab, and trolley mode.
    • LaserPecker 2 has a fast engraving speed of 36000mm/min and supports various engraving file formats.
    • Easy to use with no complicated assembly and can work with a Smartphone/PC.
    • LaserPecker 2 is small and lightweight, with an original handle design for hand-held engraving and no size limitation.

Xtool D1 Pro

The xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver is a state-of-the-art engraving machine that uses a laser beam to create precise and intricate designs on a wide range of materials. From wood and leather to acrylic and metal, this machine can engrave on just about any surface with ease.

The xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver is also incredibly versatile, with adjustable laser power and speed settings that allow you to fine-tune your engravings to your exact specifications.

Xtool D1 Pro

Features of Xtool D1 Pro

    • xTool D1 Pro 20W has a 20W high-power laser output for powerful acrylic cutting capabilities, comparable to an industrial CNC cutter. It can cut 10mm wood and 8mm black acrylic at once.
    • The laser head of D1 Pro 20W has 0.08mm compressed spot technology and a maximum processing resolution (DPI) of 1000, providing high accuracy and speed. The machine also has 0.01mm high motion accuracy and 0.02mm repeat positioning accuracy, with a maximum processing speed of 24000mm/min.
    • The machine has safety features such as a hood with an eye protection design, an automatic stop when moved or tilted during processing, and a flame alarm function. It also has offline processing support and WiFi connection capability.
    • D1 Pro 20W has a blue light semiconductor laser with a service life of up to 10000 hours. It has an excellent control algorithm to reduce vibration and prolong motor life. The machine also has high-precision wear-resistant slide rails and 4-way hard limiters to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
    • xTool RA2 Pro is the world’s first 4-in-1 laser rotary attachment, including Roller Rotary, Chuck Rotary, Sphere-Engraving Module, and Ring-Engraving Stud. It comes with a riser column for more carving possibilities.

Gweike Cloud Pro II

The Gweike Cloud Pro II is a modern laser engraving machine; that gives precise and high-quality engraving needs. It is equipped with advanced technology and features to fulfill the demanding requirements of businesses. It has a remarkable ability to work with various materials, including Wood, Acrylic, plastic, leather, metal, and fabric, making it a highly versatile machine.

One of the standout features of the Gweike Cloud Pro II is its innovative cloud-based software. This unique software allows you to design and customize your projects from any location with an internet connection.

Additionally, the machine boasts a high-speed, high-precision laser head that can engrave at speeds up to 600mm/s, further enhancing its efficiency and precision.

Gweike Cloud Pro II Engraver

Features of Gweike Cloud Pro II

    • Gweikecloud laser engraver uses industrial-grade laser technology for home use with a 50W CO2 glass laser tube that operates 3.4 times faster than other laser cutters, achieving ultra-fine 0.001″ engraving precision at a speed of up to 600mm/s.
    • The machine is equipped with a water-cooling device to keep the laser tube Cool at all times.
    • Gweikecloud has an ultra-high laser output power of 50W that can cut 10mm of Wood & 8mm of Acrylic at one time and supports cutting or engraving over 400 materials, including Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Leather, Ceramic, and Fabric.
    • The Laser Cutting machine is compatible with various engraving software and can transfer data via Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet.
    • Gweikecloud uses a 5MP high-resolution ultra-wide camera to precisely locate the position of the pattern on the material and monitor the work status of the machine in real-time. It can automatically scan drawings without design software, intelligently extract patterns on the surface of any objects, and print complex designs with an accuracy of up to 1000 dpi.
    • The machine has a high-performance exhaust system that can effectively filter and discharge smoke and dust during the working process and reduce noise.
    • The Gweikecloud machine has a standard rotary attachment that makes it perfect for engraving on cylindrical objects using a laser. Also, it is rated Class I (FDA Certificated) for safety, with a fully enclosed structure design and an emergency stop button to ensure user safety.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

You can invest in a laser engraver if your small business requires precise and intricate designs on various materials. Choosing the best laser engraver for your small business can be challenging with so many choices.

Factors for Buying Engraver for Small Businesses

Consider the factors that you should explore before purchasing the ideal laser engraver for your small business.

Type of Laser Engraver

There are three types of laser engravers: CO2 laser engravers, fiber laser engravers, and diode laser engravers. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. By some engravers, we can do color engravings on materials.

CO2 laser engravers are suitable for engraving on non-metallic materials, fiber laser engravers are ideal for metallic materials, and diode laser engravers are best for marking surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal.

Size of Engraving Area

The size of the engraving area is another factor to consider when purchasing a laser engraver.

If you work on small items such as jewelry, a small engraving area would be enough. However, if you work on larger items like signs or trophies, a larger engraving area would be more practical.

Power and Speed

The power and speed of a laser engraver determine how quickly it can complete a task. The power is measured in watts, and the speed is measured in inches per second.

Higher power and speed mean faster engraving times. However, higher power and speed also mean a higher price tag.

Software Compatibility of Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

Before buying a laser engraver, you need to check its compatibility with your existing software. Most laser engravers come with their software, but not all are compatible with third-party software.

Ensure that the laser engraver you choose is compatible with the software you use to design and create your projects.

Maintenance and Repair of Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

Laser engravers require regular maintenance and occasional repairs. Before purchasing a laser engraver, research the manufacturer’s reputation for after-sales service and support.

Some manufacturers offer warranties and technical support, while others do not. Ensure that the manufacturer you choose offers reliable and accessible customer service and support.

Price of Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

The price of a laser engraver can vary greatly depending on the type, size, power, and speed. It is important to set a budget and stick to it. You can find a reliable laser engraver for a small business within your budget if you do your research and compare prices.

Safety Features of Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

Improper usage of laser engravers can pose a danger. Therefore, it is crucial to consider safety features before purchasing a laser engraver. Look for a laser engraver with features like a safety interlock switch, emergency stop button, and laser protection glasses to prevent accidental injuries.


The ease of use of a laser engraver is another factor to consider. If you are new to laser engraving, look for a laser engraver with user-friendly software and controls. Also, look for a laser engraver with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Portability of Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

Considering portability is crucial if you plan to move your laser engraver from one location to another. Look for a laser engraver with a compact design and lightweight construction.

Reviews and Ratings

Finally, before purchasing a laser engraver, check online reviews and ratings. Reading reviews from other small business owners can assist you in making an informed decision.

Conclusion (Best Laser Engraver For Small Businesses)

The article “Best Laser Engraver for Small Businesses” lists some of the top laser engraving machines available in the market that are suitable for small businesses. The machines listed in the article include Comgrow Z1, Ometech K40, Elecfreaks Tooca L1, Roly LaserMATIC10, Orture Laser Master 3, SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max, Atomstack A5 Pro, Laser Pecker 2, Xtool D1 Pro, and Gweike Cloud Pro II.

The article also discusses some key factors that small business owners should consider before purchasing a laser engraver, such as the machine power, the size of the work area, and the type of materials it can engrave.

In general, this article provides a helpful guide for small business owners who intend to invest in a laser engraving machine for their business.

FAQs (Best Laser Engraver for Small Businesses)

1. Can a laser engraver be used for personal use?

Ans: Yes, you can use a laser engraver for personal use for producing customized gifts, jewelry, and other personalized items.

2. How much does a laser engraver cost for a small businesses?

Ans: The cost of a laser engraver for a small businesses can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size, power, and capabilities of the machine.

3. Is it necessary to have the technical knowledge to operate a laser engraver?

Ans: Some technical knowledge is required to operate a laser engraver, such as knowing how to use design software and adjust the machine settings. However, most laser engravers come with user-friendly software and instructions, making them easy to use.

4. Can a laser engraver be used for cutting materials?

Ans: Yes, to cut materials, you can use laser engravers. But the cutting capability depends on the power and type of laser used.

5. What are the benefits of using a laser engraver for my small businesses?

Ans: The benefits of using a laser engraver for your small businesses include the ability to create custom designs quickly and easily, the versatility to work with a wide range of materials, and the ability to produce high-quality, precise cuts and engravings.