Why are Laser Pointers Bad for Dogs But Not Cats? [2023]

Every pet owner tries to find interesting and helpful activities for their pets. Nowadays, dogs and cats often use laser pointers. Each pet responds differently to these laser devices. Do you know “Why are Laser Pointers Bad for Dogs But Not Cats?”

Doggies are packed animals with keen social and protective instincts. Kittens, on the other hand, are independent hunters with aggressive instincts. These pets can exhibit unique personalities based on experiences and socialization.

In this article, we will explore the reason behind this that why laser points are good for Kitties but not for dogs. So let’s get started.

Natural Behavior Of Doggies and Kitties

Doggies and kitties have different natural behaviors and instincts that shape their behaviors and interactions with humans and the environment.


Do You Know About Laser Pointers and Dogs Relations [2023]
Laser Pointers and Dogs

Dog the social animals that have evolved to live in packs. They have a strong instinct to be part of a group and form close bonds with their packmates. In the wild, pups would hunt and forage with their pack, and this instinct is still present in domestic hounds.

They have a strong desire to please and be close to their human family members, which they view as their pack. Often, they will defend and guard their fellows, demonstrating a strong protective instinct.

In addition to the variety of doggy breeds, different breeds may have unique instincts and behaviors. Training, socialization, and individual experiences can also shape doggy behavior.

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cats and lasers
cats and lasers

Cats are natural hunters, and the fast-moving, unpredictable lights emitted by a pointer mimic the movement of prey. This instinctual drive to chase and capture the beam can provide kitties with much-needed physical and mental stimulation, especially for indoor kitties who may not have access to the outdoors.

These pointer devices are also a convenient form of interactive play for kitty owners. They don’t require much effort or preparation and can be used to entertain kitties for short periods, even when we’re busy with other tasks.

Why are Laser Pointers Bad for Dogs But Not Cats?

It depends on the behavior of each pet. Puppies have a strong predatory instinct in nature and may become obsessed with chasing the light, leading to stress and anxiety. That makes these pointer devices bad for pups because they often become fixated on chasing the lights, which can lead to frustration if they don’t catch it.

How do Dogs behave Psychologically?
Dogs Psychological Behavior

On the other hand, Kitties have a natural hunting instinct and can benefit from playing with pointer devices as they can provide mental and physical stimulation. Kitties are skilled hunters and usually catch the light with a toy or other object. They also tend to stalk and chase the laser pointer, which can be an exciting and engaging game.

Beware of Eye Damage

Before using laser devices, you must be aware of the classification of lasers based on safety norms. That helps you understand laser classification. There are four classes of lasers.

There are no risks associated with the first two classes, “Class 1 and Class 2. However, they still need to be used with precaution before use. These can cause eye damage. Your first concern should be to protect your pet’s eye from these pointers.

Class 3 and 4 can damage the skin of humans and pets if direct laser light falls on their skins.

It is worth noting that playing with these pointer devices can be a fun and engaging activity for kittens. Supervision is essential to ensure they are not staring at the light for too long, as it can strain their eyes.

Why Do Cats Like Lasers?

Cats have a natural hunting instinct, and laser pointers can provide a fun and stimulating way to exercise and engage that instinct. The small, moving dot of light mimics the movement of prey and can be an exciting and engaging game for kitties.

Playing with these pointer devices can also help strengthen the bond between the cat and its owner, as kitties get to spend quality time together. Additionally, these pointer devices can be a great way to provide mental and physical stimulation for indoor kitties, helping them stay active and healthy.

Tips for Safe and Responsible Use of Laser Pointers with Cats

cat alternative activities
cat alternative activities

When using lasers pointer with a cat, it’s critical to use them responsibly to minimize the risks. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Never leave a cat unsupervised with a laser pointer, as they may become so focused on chasing the light that they neglect other critical behaviors.
  • Never shine the laser pointer directly into a cat’s eyes. It can cause temporary or even permanent eye damage.
  • Use the lasers pointer in short, interactive sessions. Cats can become easily obsessed with chasing the light, so it’s critical to limit playtime to a few minutes at a time.
  • Provide kitties with other forms of interactive play. In addition to the lasers pointer, provide kitties with other interactive toys, such as string, balls, or interactive cat toys, to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

Alternatives to Laser Pointers

While laser pointers can be a convenient form of interactive play for cats, they’re not the only option. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • A simple string can provide Kitties with hours of entertainment. Chasing and catching ropes provide kitties with both mental and physical stimulation.
  • In addition to traditional lasers pointer, many interactive cat toys provide physical and mental stimulation for kitties while minimizing the risks involved. These include puzzle feeders, treat dispensers and automated lasers pointer.


I hope you get the answer to Why are Laser Pointers Bad for Dogs But Not Cats? To conclude, whether it is Bad for pets depends on their natural behaviors. Due to their distinct behaviors, pups and Kitties respond differently to laser light.

It is a good activity for owners to utilize for cat play, but it needs supervision. Otherwise, it may damage the eyes or cause a change in the behavior of pets.


1. Why do cats hate closed doors?

Cat hate closed doors because they are territorial and like to have access to their entire territory.

2. Why does a pup not chase lasers?

Lasers cause stress and anxiety in the pup because he has a strong predatory instinct and can become fixated and obsessed with chasing the light.

3. Are lasers safe for pets?

It is possible to use lasers safely on pets under supervised conditions, but they can cause eye strain when used without supervision.

4. Does laser make the dog depressed?

When pups become fixated and obsessed with chasing the light, lasers can cause stress and anxiety in a dog, which leads to depression.

5. Do lasers make cats depressed?

Lasers by themselves do not make cats depressed, but if used excessively or unsupervised, they can cause stress or frustration for the cat.