Leica Disto D110 – Laser Distance Measurer [2023]

Are you bored with inaccurate and time-consuming measurements? Say good-bye to the disappointment with the Leica Disto D110 Laser Distance Meter. Now no extra suffering with flimsy tape measures or cumbersome gear.

Whether you are a construction worker, architect, or DIY fanatic, the D110 gives unprecedented precision and comfort. With its compact length and advanced capabilities, you could effortlessly degree distances, regions, and volumes with the contact of a button.

Laser Distance Measurer Tool

A Laser Distance Measurer is a contemporary measuring device that uses laser sensor to appropriately and speedy measure distances, areas, and volumes. Professionals together with production, architecture, indoors designers, and folks who revel in do-it-your self initiatives can discover this tool particularly useful.

The Laser Distance Measurer can exactly measure distances of numerous hundred meters, making it needless to apply conventional measuring tools like tape measures and rulers.

Laser Distance MeasurerAnyone who needs efficient and accurate measurements will find this tool essential due to its portability, ease of use, and numerous features.

Brands and Variations

The market offers multiple brands of laser distance measurers, and among the most famous and recognized ones are

    • Leica
    • Bosch
    • Dewalt
    • Stanley
    • Fluke
    • Tacklife

Each brand offers a range of models with various features and capabilities to suit different needs and budgets. As the demand for accurate and efficient measuring tools grows, numerous brands are entering the market, expanding the range of options available to consumers.

How does It work?

Laser Distance Measurer working

A laser distance measurer emits a laser beam towards a target and measures the time it takes for the beam to bounce back to the device to determine the distance.

Professionals in construction, architecture, and interior design experts prefer using this technology for accurate and precise measurements over large distances. The popularity of this is due to its ability to eliminate the requirement of physical contact with the target.

Leica Disto d110 Laser Distance Measurer

The Leica Disto D110 Laser Distance Measurer is a cutting-edge measuring tool that utilizes laser technology to provide accurate and efficient measurements.

With its compact design, intuitive interface, and Bluetooth connectivity, the Disto D110 is a versatile and convenient tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

This innovative device provides several features, including

    • Distance measurement
    • Area
    • Volume calculation
    • Pythagoras functions.

Technical Parameters of Leica Disto d110

Here are the technical parameters of the Leica Disto D110 laser distance meter:

    • Measuring range: 0.2 – 60 meters (0.65 – 197 feet)
    • Measuring accuracy: ±1.5 mm (0.06 inches)
    • Measuring units: m, ft, in
    • Laser class: 2
    • Laser type: 635 nm, <1 mW
    • Protection class: IP54 (Safe from dust and splash water)
    • Bluetooth: Smart Bluetooth® v4.0 (Range 10m)
    • Battery life: up to 5000 measurements
    • Battery type: AAA 2 x 1.5 V
    • Dimensions: 120 x 37 x 23 mm (4.72 x 1.46 x 0.91 inches)
    • Weight with batteries: 92 g (3.25 ounces)

Message Error Codes

Observe the following instructions if the message InFo appears with a number:

204Calculation errorPerform measurement


240Data transfer errorRepeat procedure.
252Temperature too high Let the device cool down.
253Temperature too lowWarm the device up.
254Battery voltage too low

for measurements

Change batteries.
255Received signal too

weak, measuring time

too long

Change target surface

(e.g. white paper).

256Received signal too highChange target surface

(e.g. white paper).

257Too much background


Shadow target area.
258Measurement outside of

measuring range

Correct range
260Laser beam interruptedRepeat measurement.

How to Use Leica Disto d110? Step-By-Step Guide

How to Use Leica Disto d110

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial guide on how to use the Leica Disto D110:

  • Turn on the device by pressing and holding the On/Off button.
  • Select the appropriate unit of measurement (meters, feet, inches, etc.) using the Units button.
  • Aim the laser at the target object or surface you want to measure and press the Measure button. Devices display calculated measurements on their digital displays.
  • To add or subtract measurements to obtain the desired total distance, area, or volume, you can use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons.
  • To save or transfer the measurements, connect the device to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and use the Leica DISTO Sketch app to store, edit, or share the data.
  • To ensure accurate measurements, calibrate the device regularly by following the instructions in the user manual.
  • After using the device, turn off the device. Then store it safely and keep it dry places.

Features of the Leica Disto D110

Here are some of its key features and benefits:

Laser distance measurement technology:

The device uses advanced laser technology to measure distances up to 60 meters with high accuracy and precision.

Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones and tablets:

The Leica Disto D110 can be paired with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth to transfer and store measurement data using the Leica DISTO Sketch app.

Integrated digital display and intuitive user interface:

The device has a digital display that shows measurements in real-time and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use and navigate.

Lightweight and portable design:

Weighing only 92 grams, the Leica Disto D110 is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry and use anywhere.

IP54 water and dust resistance rating:

The device has an IP54 rating, which means it is protected against water and dust, making it durable and reliable in harsh environments.

Applications of Leica Disto D110 Device

Applications of Leica Disto D110

Some of the most common applications of the Leica Disto D110 are:


    • Measuring distances for laying out building foundations
    • Measuring heights and lengths for installing walls and ceilings
    • Measuring room dimensions and calculating material quantities
    • Measuring angles for installing roof trusses

Architecture and Interior Design

    • Measuring room dimensions and creating accurate floor plans
    • Measuring and calculating material quantities for furniture installations
    • Measuring heights and distances for installing light fixtures
    • Measuring angles for creating accurate 3D models

Real Estate and Property Management

    • Measuring room dimensions for property listings and valuations
    • Measuring distances for property boundary assessments
    • Measuring heights for assessing roof conditions
    • Measuring areas for property management and maintenance purposes

DIY and Home Improvement

    • Measuring distances for DIY projects and home improvement tasks
    • Measuring heights for hanging shelves and pictures
    • Measuring angles for creating accurate cuts in wood and metal
    • Measuring room dimensions for buying furniture and planning renovations

Surveying and Mapping

    • Measuring distances for creating accurate topographical maps
    • Measuring angles for creating accurate geological surveys
    • Measuring distances for creating accurate land surveys
    • Measuring heights for creating accurate elevation maps

Benefits of the Leica Disto D110

  • Improved accuracy and precision in measurements
  • Time-saving capabilities
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Versatility for various applications such as construction, interior design, landscaping, and more.
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional measuring tools

Comparison to other measuring tools

Advantages over tape measures and rulers:

The Leica Disto D110 provides more accurate and precise measurements than tape measures and rulers. And it can also measure distances that are difficult or impossible to reach.

Advantages over other laser distance meters:

The Leica Disto D110’s Bluetooth connectivity, measurement storage capabilities, and user-friendly interface set it apart from other laser distance meters on the market.

Advantages over other Leica Disto models:

The Leica Disto D110’s lightweight and portable design, as well as its Bluetooth connectivity and measurement storage capabilities, make it a more convenient and efficient tool than other Leica Disto models.

Future Technology of Laser Distance Measurer

Future of Distance Measurer

The future of laser distance measurers is promising. As technology improves daily, these devices are more accurate, compact, and affordable. These devices find wide applications in the construction, interior design, and engineering industries.

In the future, we can anticipate that these technologies will undergo further enhancements in their range, precision, and speed. Furthermore, we will integrate them with other state-of-the-art technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Now is a perfect time to begin exploring the potential applications of this technology if you are considering investing in it.


In conclusion, the Leica Disto D110 Laser Distance Meter is a revolutionary measuring tool that uses laser technology to provide accurate and efficient measurements. It eliminates the need for traditional measuring tools such as tape measures and rulers. It makes a popular choice for the construction, architecture, and interior design industries.

This tool is versatile and convenient for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to its compact design, intuitive interface, and Bluetooth connectivity. Its features include distance measurement, area and volume calculation, and Pythagoras functions.

The technical parameters of the Leica Disto D110 include a measuring range of 0.2 – 60 meters with a measuring accuracy of ±1.5 mm. It also has several error codes, and the article provides a step-by-step guide about the usage of this device.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What would we do if the device not showing a message error code?

Ans: If you repeatedly turn on the device and the Error message doesn’t disappear, you should contact the dealer for assistance.

2. Can the laser measure devices use to measure angles or just distances?

Ans: You can use it for both purposes.

3. Is the Leica Disto D110 compatible with smartphones or other devices?

Ans: Yes, the Leica Disto D110 is equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing it to connect wirelessly to smartphones and tablets. You can download their free app from the App Store or Google Play.

4. Is the Leica Disto D110 weather-resistant?

Ans: The Leica Disto D110 has an IP54 rating. It means the device is safe against dust and water splashes from all directions.

5. How long does the battery last on the Leica Disto D110?

Ans: The Leica Disto D110 uses two AAA batteries, and the battery life depends on usage. With typical usage, the batteries should last for up to 5,000 measurements.